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TMK shares learnings from implementing its sustainability strategy during World Quality Day 2021

TMK’s long-term development strategy is centered around customer focus and continuous improvements to its technical solutions and the performance of its production systems. This was the message from Anatoly Sychev, TMK’s Quality Director, when he spoke at the World Quality Day 2021 international forum. TMK was the official partner to the forum.

During the Technology Leaders session, Anatoly Sychev presented TMK’s approach to sustainable development, which underpins the Company’s long-term development strategy and quality management system. He touched on the development of corporate-wide principles that apply to all of the Company’s enterprises and include a range of activities aimed at aligning product quality with market needs, providing comprehensive service solutions, human capital development, maintaining customer focus, and engaging with customers on an ongoing basis to assess their satisfaction and loyalty.

As a customer-focused provider of innovative tubular solutions, TMK sets high standards of product quality through the synergy of three areas: management quality, product quality and operational efficiency. TMK’s long-term strategy emphasises the development of ESG principles – reducing negative environmental impact, achieving carbon neutrality, creating comfortable working conditions for employees, and improving quality of life in the Company’s operating regions. Relying on a combination of these key parameters, TMK has been able to remain the leading pipe producer in Russia and globally for 20 years.

Anatoly Sychev, Quality Director at TMK, said:

“TMK’s mission, values and strategy factor in the needs of external and internal customers. Therefore, every TMK employee follows the “performer of the next operation is your customer” principle and is aware of their personal responsibility for delivering high-quality products. At the same time, our quality management system is continuously improved, including to reflect the latest trends, in particular in digitalisation. For example, the Company has a single digital space for storing and transmitting electronic quality certificates with a digital signature, as well as certificate authentication services to combat counterfeit products”.

Over 30,000 people representing federal executive authorities, technical development experts and heads of major businesses participated in the World Quality Day 2021 international forum. The forum’s agenda included over 30 strategic sessions on quality standards in different business areas. The forum was organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, RusQuality, Rosstandart, RusAccreditation, and the National Research Centre of Excellence for Combating Illicit Trafficking of Industrial Products.

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