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TMK hosts the 24th International Technology and Application Conference PIPES 2021 in Chelyabinsk

TMK’s Russian Research Institute for the Tube & Pipe Industries (RUSNITI) became the venue for the 24th International Technology and Application Conference PIPES 2021, which took place in Chelyabinsk from September 21 to 22.

The event was supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Committee on Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), and Pipe Industry Development Fund. The conference was attended by Anton Shalaev, Head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology; Pavel Ryzhiy, Minister of Industry, New Technologies and Natural Resources of the Chelyabinsk Region; Igor Malyshev, Director of Pipe Industry Development Fund; representatives of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); as well as the heads of educational institutions, R&D departments of Russian metals, oil and gas, and energy companies, and other organizations.

This year, the conference was dedicated to the pipe industry’s transition to a new technological paradigm. The participants discussed the development of Russian innovations in energy, including manufacturing high-tech steels, rolled steel, pipe and tubular products, as well as the improvement of relevant production technologies. One of the key topics discussed was the industry’s digital transformation, primarily the use of digital twins in developing new products and setting up production processes. Another hot topic on the conference agenda was the transition to a low-carbon economy and hydrogen energy development.

“Over the past two decades, the Russian pipe industry, represented in particular by TMK and RUSNITI, has shown strong commitment to operationalizing new technologies, rising to the challenges of our time. This applies to environmental requirements, development of new materials and digital operations. The use of this continuous improvement engine has enabled us to develop industrial technology solutions that are unique in Russia and globally,” said Anton Shalaev.

“TMK launches about 60 to 70 new products annually – a host of solutions for a whole range of varied tasks. One of our current focus areas is hydrogen energy. The Company has certain capabilities, expertise and a range of specific products which will definitely be used in this area. Moreover, in 2022, we are launching our first shipments, above all pipe for steam reforming units for hydrogen production. So we are not just ready to enter this new market, we are already starting to supply it,” said Sergey Chikalov, TMK’s Deputy CEO for Technological Development and Technical Sales.

The conference also included the launch of the book RUSNITI Through Time, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of RUSNITI in 2021.

“For many years, RUSNITI has been involved in TMK’s major projects to launch the production of new high-tech products and develop innovative solutions for the pipe industry. Based on historical development milestones and memories of the veterans who established the institute, this book is yet another testament to the achievements and accomplishments of our team,” said Igor Pyshmintsev, CEO of RUSNITI and TMK’s Director for Research Development.

RUSNITI is the only R&D institution in Russia focused on the pipe industry. With the extensive participation of the institute, TMK has marketed multiple high-tech solutions, including high-performance pipe and tubular products made of the unique TMK-S alloy and 13Cr steels, developed the Greenwell lubricant-free coating for threaded connections, and improved the pipe rolling technology. The institute is also involved in TMK’ efforts to digitize operating processes. In 2020, TMK’s team led by Alexander Vydrin, Deputy CEO at RUSNITI, was awarded the Russian Government prize in science and technology for young scientists for implementing digital twins at the Company’s production sites.

The International Technology and Application Conference PIPES is a major industry conference and platform for scientific discussions, as well as exchange of views on current trends and outlook for the global and Russian pipe and tube industry. The conference is attended by Russian and foreign companies from Germany, Japan, the USA, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and other countries.

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