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TMK presents to Gazprom its integrated infrastructure development concept for gas production and transportation projects

At the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (SPIGF 2021), TMK announced the results of the high-tech import substitution program for Gazprom, and presented to its partners a joint concept developed by TMK and Sinara Group to enable the integrated development of fields, transportation facilities, and industrial infrastructure.

At a session on the technological development of Gazprom, Sergey Chikalov, TMK’s First Deputy CEO for Operations and Development, spoke about the results of joint efforts with partners to develop new products and bring them to the market. Under the Future Thing Agreement signed by the two companies in 2015, production of six new types of pipe and tubular products was launched and over 95 thousand tonnes of pipe were shipped to implement projects within the Eastern Gas Program and develop the Astrakhanskoye, Kovyktinskoye, Kharasaveyskoye, and Orenburgskoye gas condensate fields. The shipments consisted of high-strength grade seamless pipes made of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys with premium threaded connections.

To meet the needs of Gazprom’s projects, over the past three years, TMK also launched the production of new vacuum insulated tubing (VIT), created a smart pipe for remote monitoring of trunk gas pipelines, developed new premium threaded connections, innovative steel grades made of chromium containing and chromium-nickel alloys, pipes of new strength grades, including H2S-resistant advanced coating types, and a number of other products. For major trunk pipeline projects, the Company is ready to supply large diameter pipe of extended length – 18 meters, supported by its new proprietary welding technology.

Moreover, TMK’s involvement in oil and gas projects is not limited to the supply of high-tech pipe and tubular products and service support. The Company, jointly with Sinara Group, is willing to offer integrated services for field development and the construction of related infrastructure.

“TMK has all the necessary capabilities to support the integrated development of oil and gas fields, from supplying pipe and tubular products and constructing drilling rigs to treating hydrocarbons prior to transportation. We are engaged in the construction of trunk pipelines, pumping and compressor stations. However, our capabilities do not end there! Together with Sinara Group enterprises, TMK is ready to offer integrated construction services for industrial infrastructure projects, including energy facilities, utility systems, steel structures, etc. In addition, as part of a joint proposal, the two companies can also build welfare facilities. This approach mostly benefits our customers who get turnkey high-tech products for hydrocarbon production and transportation with proven operating technology, as well as uniform quality standards covering all related processes,” said Sergey Chikalov.

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