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Volzhsky Pipe Plant certifies its new high-tech special steel pipes for Gazprom following a successful production launch

TMK’s Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ) has started producing high-strength low-temperature seamless steel pipes made of 13CrL chrome-nickel steel of its own production, and successfully certified them at Gazprom VNIIGAZ.

The high-tech casing pipes made of martensitic grade steel (pipe grades P110 and R95) with TMK UP FMC and TMK UP PF extra-tight threaded connections are designed for extreme conditions, in particular, for cold climates with temperatures down to minus 60 °С, as well as fields that produce hydrocarbons containing carbon dioxide.

The entire production process, from crude steel production to factory acceptance tests, was set up in cooperation with experts from Gazprom VNIIGAZ.

“We are getting a large number of customer-specific orders with more stringent requirements for pipe and tubular products. There are also new limitations on both the chemical composition of steel and the metal’s various performance characteristics. Pipe mills need to build new capabilities to meet the evolving demands of the oil and gas industry. As part of its partnership with Gazprom, VTZ developed a technology for the production of own continuously cast billets and pipes made of martensitic grade steel. When launching the new products, the plant and TMK’s experts implemented a number of technology innovations that have enabled a boost in productivity while reducing metal consumption,” said Sergey Chetverikov, Managing Director of Volzhsky Pipe Plant.

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