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TMK supplied cylinders to one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies

TMK’s Pervouralsk Pipe Plant (PNTZ) has completed a large order to manufacture cylinders for PepsiCo, a leading manufacturer of carbonated, non-carbonated beverages and energy drinks marketed under various brands. The order included more than 3,000 cylinders of 20 liters with an operating pressure of approximately 150 bars.

The cylinders will be used in the production of non-alcoholic carbonated beverages as reusable containers for carbon dioxide storage and transportation. The products are certified, with PNTZ subjecting them to hydrostatic pressure and leak tests to verify tightness and removing scale through inner surface treatment.

“Our strong customer focus and flexible approach to redistributing loads across PNTZ facilities enable high-volume production with shorter turnaround cycles to specific technical requirements to meet, for example, seasonal demand from customers. The high quality of our products has been confirmed by our growing order book: in the first half of 2021, PNTZ increased cylinder output by 18% year-on-year,” said Vladimir Toporov, PNTZ’s Managing Director.

PNTZ has been supplying cylinders to PepsiCo since 2019, increasing shipment volumes annually. Products of PNTZ’s cylinder shop are also used in the aviation, space, chemical, oil production, machine building, shipbuilding and healthcare industries, as well as in fire-fighting equipment production.

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