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TMK takes part in the Offshore Technology Conference 2021

TMK is displaying its high-tech products at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2021, an international oil and gas conference devoted to offshore technologies and taking place between August 16 and 19 in Houston, Texas (USA).

The Company’s booth has leveraged the full power of digital to showcase TMK’s latest proprietary solutions for hydrocarbon production, including offshore, as well as for other sectors of the energy industry. TMK’s innovative products are presented on a video screen, on interactive touch panels, and in electronic catalogs.

“TMK is a global company, and it is important for us to showcase our achievements, share our experience and explore best practices from leading global players in the metals and energy business. Having skipped more than two years due to the pandemic, we look forward to reuniting with our partners from North America as well as other regions at OTC 2021. For example, we have scheduled meetings with companies from Latin America, Africa and Asia to discuss further cooperation taking into account TMK’s business growth,” said Dmitry Chernichenko, TMK’s Director for Sales to Global Oil and Gas Companies.

The international Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is a key event for the global oil and gas industry where industry players discuss further avenues for technology development in hydrocarbon drilling, exploration and production, as well as in environmental protection. The conference was founded in 1969 and has been traditionally held in May. In 2020, amid the COVID-19 restrictions, the event was postponed to 2021 and is being held in a hybrid format, allowing attendees to participate both in-person and virtually.

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