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TMK presents innovative energy solutions of the future at INNOPROM

TMK is demonstrating its innovative products for the oil and gas and hydrogen energy industries at the INNOPROM-2021 international trade fair in Yekaterinburg. The Company’s state-of-the-art pipe solutions are showcased at TMK and Sinara Group’s joint booth on integrated projects that synergize metal science, digital technology, pipe manufacturing and machine building.

At INNOPROM, TMK has presented for the first time its smart pipe for trunk gas pipelines designed under an R&D cooperation program with Gazprom. As part of the project, the world’s first technical solution was developed and operationalized to diagnose and monitor pipeline infrastructure integrity. The operating company can use built-in sensors to remotely receive updates on gas pipeline stress strain behavior in real time and assess its remaining service life in order to prevent emergencies and conduct maintenance in advance.

Another exhibited product includes seamless high-tech steel pipes for constructing hydrogen energy infrastructure. The pipes have been designed as part of TMK’s comprehensive program to promote products for the hydrogen energy industry and comply with the ASME 31.12 Hydrogen Piping and Pipelines international standard.

At the exhibition, TMK also presents a wide range of its products for oil and gas production, construction, machine building and other industries on digital video screens and interactive touch panels. In particular, visitors can see the full cycle of its product and process modeling using digital twins, which are currently in the Company’s development focus.

“Today, the Russian energy industry is facing new challenges – hydrocarbon production is reaching its peak of technological complexity, environmental requirements are getting stricter, and companies are optimizing their costs amid growing competition. As a leading producer of integrated tubular solutions for major energy projects, TMK takes all these factors into account and develops new products for its customers. Together with Gazprom, we have created a smart pipe for gas pipelines, and its prototype has successfully passed full-scale tests. As part of efforts to develop hydrogen energy in Russia, TMK is committed to produce pipe solutions for hydrogen production, transportation and storage. With these and a number of other high-tech projects, we can become the key partner of Russian companies in building the energy sector of the future”, said Igor Korytko, TMK’s CEO.

TMK also takes part in the business program of INNOPROM-2021. During the conference, the Company executives will discuss support for the manufacturing industry’s digital transformation, including cybersecurity and common standards as part of the transition to Industry 4.0. TMK’s speakers will talk about the Company’s best practices in ESG (environmental, social, and governance), including environmental initiatives, technological innovations in ESG and training talents for the modern manufacturing industry. A number of agreements are also planned to be signed as part of the forum.

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