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TMK runs an industrial safety audit across its facilities as part of Steel Safety Day 2020

TMK ran an industrial safety audit across its facilities as part of Steel Safety Day 2020. The event involved all plants of TMK’s Russian division, with employees and leadership assessing potential risks and designing measures to further improve safety and health at work.

This year, the pandemic affected Steel Safety Day, which was rescheduled by the World Steel Association from 28 April to 21 October 2020. The audit at TMK was preceded by several preparatory phases, including a comprehensive audit of workplace compliance with occupational health and safety requirements and standards, run across TMK’s facilities and involving plant and contractor employees. Company management followed up on the measures planned during the previous audits and reviewed safety performance over the past five years.

For the first time, TMK held its Steel Safety Day in a combined (in-person and remote) format, with facility managers personally inspecting respective plants and then discussing the results with the Company’s head office via video conferencing. During Steel Safety Day, TMK held a full-scale working meeting enabled by video conferencing, where the leadership of the Company and its facilities presented a comprehensive assessment of the situation and set key indicative targets to improve industrial safety. They also outlined measures to upskill the workforce, upgrade production and warehouse facilities, digitize the occupational health system and make progress in other areas.

“Occupational safety levels are directly linked to the buy-in from facility leadership and staff. Over 80% of TMK employees took part in Steel Safety Day events this year, mostly as auditors or observers during workplace audits. Together, we have achieved impressive results, with injury rates down by two-thirds over five years. With strong engagement from our colleagues at all levels, we will further step up our performance in this priority area, aspiring to achieve our zero injury vision based on global best practices,” said Igor Korytko, CEO of TMK.

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