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TMK and Olivotto Ferre undertakings have signed contracts on delivery of equipment

ТМК undertakings and one of leading world manufacturers of the thermal equipment \"Olivotto Ferre\" company (Italy) have signed contracts on delivery of equipment of lines of heat treatment pipes for Sinarsky Pipe Works, Taganrog Metallurgical Works and Volzhsky Pipe Plant.

The new equipment is expected to release 740 thousand tons of more thermo stable pipes under the Russian and international standards. During heat treatment the necessary structure and mechanical characteristics of metal are reached, it allows to create new, high consumer properties of finished production.

“We are very glad, that ТМК has chosen our company as a supplier of equipment for lines of heat treatment of pipes, - Davide Doliani, General director of Olivotto Ferre , has noted. - Olivotto Ferre successfully works in the market for a long time, it has broad experience in the field of construction of heat treatment lines for the pipe industry and it is a supplier to the largest world manufacturers. Lines of heat treatment of pipes will be put in operation in Volzhsky Pipe Plant and Sinarsky Pipe Works in 2007, in Taganrog Metallurgical Works - in the beginning of 2008\".

As General Director of ТМК, Konstantin Semerikov, says , within 5 years, 2005 to 2010, the Company plans to invest US$1.27bln in the capacities improvement , out of this sum more than US$800mln will be directed on seamless pipes manufacturing improvement.

\"In ТМК development the strategic accent is made on development of seamless pipes business. Thus, creation of the maxim um margin by introducing high technologies is a key issue. Our Italian partner has offered modern design decisions which completely correspond to our strategic plans \", - Konstantin Semerikov has emphasized.

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