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ARTROM receives a new name

At the extra general meeting of shareholders of the enterprise SC ARTROM SA (Slatina, Romania), held on 15 May 2006, the decision was taken to rename the factory as SC TMK-ARTROM SA. State registration of the change in name was performed on 22 May 2006. This decision was taken for the purpose of forming and strengthening TMK’s united corporate brand, as well as promoting it on the world market.

TMK has acquired 100% of the authorized capital of the company Sinara Handel GmbH, which has a controlling interest in two Romanian enterprises: the pipe plant SC TMK-ARTROM SA (Slatina) and the metallurgical combine SC C.S.R. SA (Reshitsa) in March 2006. ТМК-ARTROM specializes in the output of seamless pipes for machine building. The plant’s production facilities are capable of producing 110,000 tonnes of pipes. The combine in Reshitsa has a production capacity of 500,000 tonnes of steel (electric furnace steelmaking) and a rolling capacity of 700,000 tonnes.

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