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Volzhsky Pipe Plant declared official supplier of Kuwaiti oil companies

Volzhsky Pipe Plant, affiliated to TMK, has been accredited by two large oil-extracting companies in Kuwait: Kuwait National Petroleum Company and Kuwait Oil Company. This means that Volzhsky Pipe Plant has acquired the status of official supplier of pipe products for these companies.

During the process of accreditation representatives of the oil-extracting companies of Kuwait conducted a technical audit on Volzhsky Pipe Plant and familiarized themselves with steel production and the control of accounting and financial reporting. The auditors gave a high valuation of the quality of the enterprise’s products, the organization of production and the financial indicators.

The accreditation of Volzhsky Pipe Plant will enable the enterprise to participate in tenders held by Kuwaiti companies, as well as strengthen the enterprise’s reputation on the world market as a supplier of hi-tech products that meet all modern standards.

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