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The Volzhsky Pipe Plant completes certification as per the TRANSCERT system

The Volzhsky Pipe Plant, affiliated to the TMK, has become the first factory in Russia to receive an affirmative decision from the expert council of the TRANSCERT System of Voluntary Certification (SDS) regarding the issue of a certificate of conformance for the serial production of electric-welded spiral-seamed pipes from low-alloyed steel with external anticorrosive covering for main oil pipelines. This certificate will enable the enterprise to mark its products with the SDS TRANSCERT sign of conformance and participate in tenders held by OAO AK Transneft.

SDS TRANSCERT was created in the autumn of 2004 as a qualification and certification system for suppliers and their products with due regard to the requirements of OAO AK Transneft. SDS TRANSCERT is based on internationally acknowledged principles of objectivity, competency, and independence on conformance valuation. ANO National Institute of Standardization and Certification of Transport is the TRANSCERT body of certification.

The Volzhsky Pipe Plant began the TRANSCERT system of qualification in December 2004. The affirmative decision regarding the issue of the first certificate in Russia is proof that the SDS TRANSCERT experts confirm the conformance of the Volzhsky Pipe Plant’s products and quality management system with the requirements of OAO AK Transneft.

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