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TMK has signed an agreement with the Chinese company China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation

TMK and China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC) have concluded a three-year cooperation agreement. The document provides for mutual collaboration between the parties aimed at ensuring CPTDC requirements for pipe products manufactured by structures under the control of TMK: OJSC Volzhsky Pipe Plant, OJSC Seversky Tube Works, OJSC Sinarsky Pipe Works, OJSC Taganrog Metallurgical Works. Coordination of the joint action will ensure the output of optimal solutions for the development and introduction of new types of products, execution of production orders and delivery of pipe products to CPTDC.
As stated by TMK Director General Konstantin Semerkov, this agreement will serve the further development of the mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation between TMK and Chinese consumers of pipe products, which is a substantial contribution to broadening the scope of the TMK on the international market.
China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation is a subsidiary structure of the leading Chinese oil company China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC), which ensures the purchase of equipment and materials.

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