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TMK and the MMK review the results of cooperation in 2005

Within the framework of the work of the coordinating council of representatives of TMK and MMK, TMK Director General Konstantin Semerikov and MMK Director General Gennady Senichev have reviewed the results of their companies\' cooperation in 2005.
The execution of the Agreement on strategic cooperation was discussed at the coordinating council, with particular focus on the issues of the quality of the supplied rolled metal and the prospects for assimilating new types of rolled metal and pipes.
The coordinating council noted that in 2005 the companies had acted in accordance with the Agreement, and works on improving the opportunities for TMK and MMK within the framework of large-diameter pipe production had been executed. Taking into consideration the successful implementation of the joint “Programme on the assimilation at OAO MMK of new types of rolled metal for pipe production at OJSC Volzhsky Pipe Plant for 2005”, a decision was taken on the realization of the given programme for 2006.
“In their joint activity TMK and MMK strive to comply with customer requirements for pipe products, and therefore great attention is paid to raising the qualitative specifications of rolling metal,” remarked TMK Director General Konstantin Semerikov on the results of the work of the coordinating council.
In the words of Gennady Senichev, MMK Director General, the cooperation between TMK and MMK is an illustrative example of effective interaction between companies, aimed at improving technological processes by using the results of the latest scientific-technical research and developments in the modernization of production. “TMK is a major consumer of coiled stock produced by MMK on the Russian market,” underlined Gennady Senichev.
MMK is one of the main suppliers of flat-rolled products for the manufacture of welded pipes at TMK factories. The annual volume of deliveries amounts to around 450,000 tonnes, or roughly 50% of TMK\'s demand for these products.
The Agreement on strategic cooperation between TMK and MMK for the period 2005-2008 was signed in August 2005. The Agreement provides for the joint study of market demands, coordination of investment activity and issues of commercial relations.
The next meeting of the coordinating council is planned for August 2006.

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