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About corporate university TMK2U

Leadership and structure

TMK2U Leadership

  • Andrey Yu. Kaplunov

    Vice President
  • Igor Yu. Pyshmintsev

    CEO of RusNITI, ТМК2U President
  • Elena I. Pozolotina

    CEO Deputy for Human Resources – Director of TMK2U


  • Maria V. Vorsina

    ТМК2U Executive Director
  • Olga S. Rodkina

    Deputy ТМК2U Executive Director

Service for Development Programs and Training Organization


Alsu M. Zakirova

Head of Service for development programs and training organization
  • – Development and improvement of the methodology, organization of work and audit at the TMK enterprises in the direction of personnel training and development
  • – Formation of a pool of TMK2U training programs and organization of their implementation
  • - Forming a pool of TMK2U teachers
  • – Development of the resource centers (study sites) at TMK enterprises
  • - Interaction with external providers of educational services
  • - Formation of approaches to licensing of TMK2U activities
  • – Implementation of PR events to promote the activities of the TMK2U
  • - Creating an HR brand
  • – The introduction of new technologies development of staff at TMK enterprises

Remote Learning and Development Service


Elizaveta Yu. Bolgova

Head of Remote learning and development service
  • - Automation of processes in the Service's areas of activity
  • – Development of synchronous and asynchronous e-courses
  • – Development of remote programs, organization, and maintenance of webinars
  • - Implementation, content, and maintenance of a single electronic platform SOTA2U

Service of Technical Training Programs


Anton P. Pasyuta

Head of Service for technical training programs
  • - Formation of a pool of TMK2U technical training programs
  • - Formation of a pool of teachers of TMK2U technical programs

Research and Competence Management Service


Darya A. Maltykova

Head of the research and competence management service
  • – Elaboration and improvement of methodology, organization of work, and audit at TMK enterprises in the following areas: internal professional standards, recruitment, personnel adaptation, certification, career guidance activity
  • - Study and implementation of new technologies in the areas of TMK enterprises' activity
  • - Development of methodology and conduct of sociological research

Assessment Service


Ekaterina S. Konevskikh

Head of Assessment Service
  • - Organization of work on the management reserve for senior positions
  • - Formation of a pool of evaluation funds of TMK2U (professional tests, personal questionnaires, cases, etc.)
  • – Conducting assessment centers, competency interviews and 360-degree assessments
  • - Formation of reserve groups based on thematic queries
  • - Formation and preparation of a pool of corporate business coaches and assessors

Analytics and Performance Evaluation Service


Yevgenia A. Ustyantseva

Head of Analytics and Performance Evaluation Service
  • - Organizing and coordinating the process of developing, establishing and evaluating key performance indicators at TMK Group enterprises
  • - Organization of analytical and research work in order to collect, evaluate, and analyze the received information on the HR function
  • - Creating reference lists of indicators for all HR processes
  • – Implementation of projects to optimize business processes, automate HR reporting
  • – Organization of development of information and analytical panels
  • - Study of new trends in the direction of "HR Analytics" and introduction of new technologies at TMK enterprises

Internal Communications Group


Lubov N. Silkina

Head of the Internal Communications Group
- Maintaining the Mobi2U corporate application, TMK2U accounts in social networks
- Development of internal communication technologies

Sales Development Direction


Natalia V. Sokolova

Chief Sales Development Manager
- Promotion and sale of TMK2U services to the external market
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