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About corporate university TMK2U

Leadership and structure

TMK2U Leadership

  • Andrey Yu. Kaplunov

    TMK Vice President
  • Igor Yu. Pyshmintsev

    CEO of RusNITI, ТМК2U President
  • Elena I. Pozolotina

    CEO Deputy for Human Resources – Director of TMK2U


  • Maria V. Vorsina

    ТМК2U Executive Director
  • Olga S. Rodkina

    Deputy ТМК2U Executive Director
  • Olga V. Rud

    Director of Client Program Development at TMK2U

Remote Learning and Development Service


Elizaveta Yu. Bolgova

Head of Remote learning and development service
  • - Automation of processes in the Service's areas of activity
  • – Development of synchronous and asynchronous e-courses
  • – Development of remote programs, organization, and maintenance of webinars
  • - Implementation, content, and maintenance of a single electronic platform SOTA2U

Service for Development Programs and Training Organization


Valeria O. Zhdanovskih

Head of Service for development programs and training organization
  • – Development and improvement of the methodology, organization of work and audit at the TMK enterprises in the direction of personnel training and development
  • – Formation of a pool of TMK2U training programs and organization of their implementation
  • Organization and holding of corporate-wide developmental events, such as the International Forum "Horizons", including the Youth Scientific and Practical Conference, "Games of Masters"
  • - Forming a pool of TMK2U teachers
  • – Development of the resource centers (study sites) at TMK enterprises
  • - Interaction with external providers of educational services
  • – Implementation of PR events to promote the activities of the TMK2U
  • - Creating an HR brand
  • – The introduction of new technologies development of staff at TMK enterprises

Service of Technical Training Programs

  • - Formation of a pool of TMK2U technical training programs
  • - Formation of a pool of teachers of TMK2U technical programs

Research and Competence Management Service

  • – Development and improvement of methodology, organization of work and audit at TMK Group enterprises in the following areas: internal corporate professional standards, staffing, personnel adaptation, career guidance
  • - Organization and holding of corporate-wide development events, such as the International Forum "Horizons", including the Youth Scientific and Practical Conference, "Games of Masters"
  • - Organization of TMK's participation in partner events, including large-scale career events, WorldSkills Hi-Tech
  • – Study and implementation of new technologies in the areas of activity at the enterprises of the TMK Group
  • - Development of methodology and conduct of sociological research, including staff involvement, development of an action plan to increase the level of involvement in the company

Assessment Service


Ekaterina S. Konevskikh

Head of Assessment Service
  • - Organization of work on the management reserve for senior positions
  • - Formation of a pool of evaluation funds of TMK2U (professional tests, personal questionnaires, cases, etc.)
  • – Conducting assessment centers, competency interviews and 360-degree assessments
  • - Formation of reserve groups based on thematic queries
  • - Formation and preparation of a pool of corporate business coaches and assessors

Analytics and Performance Evaluation Service


Yevgenia A. Ustyantseva

Head of Analytics and Performance Evaluation Service
  • - Organizing and coordinating the process of developing, establishing and evaluating key performance indicators at TMK Group enterprises
  • - Organization of analytical and research work in order to collect, evaluate, and analyze the received information on the HR function
  • - Creating reference lists of indicators for all HR processes
  • – Implementation of projects to optimize business processes, automate HR reporting
  • – Organization of development of information and analytical panels
  • - Study of new trends in the direction of "HR Analytics" and introduction of new technologies at TMK enterprises

Internal Communications Group


Lubov N. Silkina

Head of the Internal Communications Group
- Maintaining the Mobi2U corporate application
- Development of internal communication technologies

Client Program Development Center


Yulia V. Andreeva

Head of the service for interaction with external clients


Svetlana V. Pluscheva

Head of the Monitoring and Analytics Group


Egor E. Timofeev

Head of the Customer Engagement Group


Maria A. Bizhonova

Head of the Customer Engagement Group

- Promotion and sale of TMK2U services to the external market
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