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In 2021, TMK2U Corporate University has more than 230 programs in its portfolio. More than 550 full-time and distance learning cases, which trained more than 39,000 people. More than 180 electronic courses have been developed that have already been completed by more than 175,000 people. In 2021, work continues on the development and implementation of programs in the format of face-to-face and distance events, as well as e-courses.


Competence development programs for the main production and technological functions

The UniTech production course pool includes training programs dedicated to the study of techniques and technological approaches that allow you to develop "hard skills" – the main production competencies, without which an employee can not effectively perform their work.

The top-programs in the area
  • – Production of pipes with threaded connections of "Premium" class
  • – TMK UP CENTUM threaded connection
  • – TMK UP MAGNA threaded connection

Competence development programs in the field of commerce

The UniCom course block includes programs that help you improve your direct sales skills, learn various techniques for communicating with customers, increase customer focus, and learn tools for automating the sales process.

- Production of vacuum insulated tubes (VIT)
- Production of casing pipes and tubing made of TMK-S alloy
- Production and use of pipes made of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys


Programs for the development of in-depth knowledge and development of professional skills

The UniPro line of courses combines programs for the formation of in-depth knowledge and development of professional skills.

- The directory of legal programs
- Catalog of programs in the field of labor legislation and personnel records management
- Effective work at exhibitions
- Industrial photography
- The Methodology Of "Lean 6 Sigma". Green belt
- The Methodology Of "Lean 6 Sigma". 5S+1
- The Methodology Of "Lean 6 Sigma". 5S+1 Office
- The Methodology Of "Lean 6 Sigma". TPM
- The Methodology Of "Lean 6 Sigma". SMED


Programs for the development of corporate and personal competencies, as well as basic work tools

The UniUp line of courses is a program for the formation and development of corporate, personal competencies, as well as basic tools for work

- PR and harmonization of relations with local communities
- Basics of GR. Interaction with external authorities to solve social problems of territories
- Fundamentals of the theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ)
- Experiment theory
- Microsoft Excel. Basic level
- Microsoft Excel. Advanced level
- Microsoft PowerPoint. Expert level
- Microsoft Word. Advanced level


Expert level programs for managers and business education courses

Educational programs for managers. Each course from the UniEx block is designed to develop managerial skills and other business competencies necessary for effective work of a Manager.

- Effective Manager 1
- Effective Manager 2
- Fundamentals of labor legislation for managers

Program implementation formats:

Full-time programs

The classic type of program that involves in-class classes with direct contact of the student with a teacher

  • - Lectures
  • – Seminars
  • – Business trainings
  • – Conferences
  • - Facilitation sessions with training elements
  • – Project groups with training elements
  • – Trainers
  • – Simulations
  • - Interactive lectures and trainings
  • – Working in small groups and discussions
  • – Case analysis based on the experience of TMK and leading global companies

Programs that involve the transfer of knowledge through a single distance learning portal

- Webinars and online conferences
- Individual consultations of teachers
- Remote testing
- Microlearning mailing lists
- Gamification
- Online training via e-courses
- Library of knowledge
- Tooltip pop-ups

Mixed programs

Blended learning is an educational approach that combines full-time, distance learning and independent work

- Distance and e-learning
- Resident instruction
- Independent work
- Testing

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