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Why us

Working with TMK means:
- Stable and interesting work at a modern production facility;
- Fair and stable pay;
- Career development and professional growth;
- Employee adaptation and growth programmes;
- Health resort and recreation programmes;
- Special pension programmes;
- Care for veteran workers.

TMK plants are attractive employers in the Russian, European, and American labour markets and are recognised as "Employers of Choice." In 2015 we continued to improve our compensation system and earnings structure for Company employees, as we strive to make them more competitive and fair. A bonus system at TMK’s plants based on the Management by Objectives (MBO) method proved to be one of the most effective elements of this system.

Base compensation of employees in the Company is annually reconsidered considering macroeconomic situation, regional tendencies on a labour market and according to results of their work. In uneasy market conditions the Company provides competitiveness of wages of workers in regions where TMK enterprises are present, carries out its social commitments, trade-union branch agreements on indexation of the personnel expenses and requirements of national legislations.