Why us

Why us

Stable and interesting work in modern production facilities and comfortable offices Decent and stable wages Career and professional development Staff adaptation and development programs Social protection: programs of Spa treatment and recreation medical services for employees, children's health recreation.

For TMK, staff is not just a resource. We adhere to the concept that every employee is valuable and important to the company and every employee has the right to develop their potential.

Our top managers pay a lot of attention to personnel issues-TMK group companies have developed advanced management practices, as well as in-house training, internships and mentoring systems.

We annually review the basic remuneration of employees, taking into account the macroeconomic situation, regional trends in the labor market and in accordance with their performance. Regardless of the circumstances, the Company ensures that employees ' wages are competitive in the regions where TMK enterprises operate, fulfills its social obligations, industry trade Union agreements on indexing personnel expenses, and the requirements of national legislation.

We take care of our employees and do everything to ensure that everyone can be implemented at TMK enterprises. In order to maintain the high level of existing employee competencies and develop new ones, in 2017 we created TMK2U Corporate University, whose functions include the formation of the Company's training system and talent management, in order to find promising employees and promote them on the career ladder.

We also pay great attention to the development of young people, organizing international conferences and Championships of working professions, and participating in the international movement WorldSkills.

TMK enterprises are attractive employers on the market and have the status of "Employer of choice".

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