How to get a job at TMK


What is attractive about working at TMK? What are the working conditions in the Company, how are wages paid, is there a social package, are there opportunities for training and development (career)?

TMK is a socially responsible employer that provides its employees, in addition to a stable salary paid twice a month, a social package and opportunities for professional growth and development, career building. We take care of the health of our employees by providing various opportunities to receive medical care, provide recreation opportunities for both employees and their families, train our employees – for this purpose, TMK2U Corporate University has been created and is functioning perfectly.

How does employment at TMK start? What do I need to get a job?

Employment at TMK begins with an assessment of your experience, qualifications, knowledge, skills and abilities. To get a job, you must meet the requirements for the position, be ready to work with full efficiency, be responsible for what you have done, and strive to constantly improve your level of knowledge and skills.

Where should I send my resume? What is a motivation letter?

Find the job you are interested in on the TMK website in the "Vacancies" section and respond to it with your CV, accompanied by a letter in which You confirm and justify your interest in working at TMK, in this position. To make the letter interesting and well-reasoned, this will draw our attention to your candidacy, singling out the total mass of responses.

How to create a resume correctly? Why do I need to add photos?

Your resume should be specific, informative, and fully reflect your education, work experience, and qualifications. At the same time, it should not be overloaded with excessive information. If you like knitting and want to tell us about it on the 8th page of your resume, we may not appreciate this fact because we will get tired of reading. And smile at us by posting a photo on your resume.

What are the criteria for recruiting employees at TMK?

The main criterion is compliance with the requirements for the position. Eye color, hair, complexion, nationality, religion-the selection criteria are not.

Do you accept applicants from other cities?

We accept applicants from other cities, villages, towns, and even countries. The main thing is that you want to become a member of our team, meet the stated requirements and have all the necessary documents.

How are interviews conducted at TMK? Do I need to come to the office? Can I have a Skype interview?

Interviews take place in several stages, usually there are no more than 4. We are very pleased when applicants come to our office and we can meet them in person, but if you are planning to change your place of residence and are looking for a job in advance, we can also talk via videoconference.

What does ones in TMK pay attention to when they first meet an applicant?

To everything! Remember that the first opinion is formed within the first 10 seconds, and in the future it is supplemented, corrected, clarified, so that the correctness of the proverb that the clothes meet, no one has yet disputed. Clothing, in this case, as you understand, is a collective concept that reflects your image as a whole.

Is it important to provide recommendations?

It is always better to have more competitive advantages, one of which is undoubtedly a recommendation.

What documents should I have with me at the interview?

You must have the following documents for the interview:
- proof of your identity to get a pass and enter the territory;
- confirming your qualifications to show that you meet the mandatory requirements for the position (if necessary).

Is it worth waiting for feedback on the results of the interview?

We always try to give feedback to applicants. If it is positive – we are happy with You, because there is nothing more pleasant for a recruitment specialist. But if it is negative, we get so upset that sometimes we involuntarily delay the unpleasant moment. Treat this with understanding, we are working on ourselves, developing resilience and endurance.

Is it possible to combine work at TMK and study, and if so, how best to do it? / at what age are candidates considered? Do you accept employees without experience?

You can and should combine work and study, so you are in a better situation than most of your classmates by the time you graduate. However, it should be remembered that there are a number of specialties that can only work with a certified diploma qualification. Candidates are considered from the age of 18. We take employees without experience, however, not for all positions, but only for the initial ones, where the presence of experience is not a mandatory requirement.

What positions can a graduate of an educational institution start working from?

A graduate can start with positions that do not require work experience. And we have them! Try it and you will succeed! It is a well-established misconception that you can only get into a large company if you have experience in your specialty. We have many examples that prove that you can come to a Company without experience and become a real valuable specialist in it.

What should I do if there are no suitable vacancies for me at the moment?

Do not despair, follow the section "Vacancies" on our website, on job search sites, send us your CV to> please indicate in your cover letter why we should pay attention to your resume and save it in our database of valuable professionals.

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