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Through sponsorship and charity, TMK seeks to foster a favourable social climate and create an environment for sustainable development of the regions hosting our plants.

TMK implements its charity projects in the Urals region via the Sinara Charity Foundation, a professional operator. The Foundation’s projects seek to support social initiatives by non-profit and public organisations in health, education, culture, sports, and social security. Key formats of charitable activities: targeted aid; personal endowments; grant contests; corporate citizenship.

In 2015, the Sinara Charity Foundation used TMK’s funds to hold the 12 Civil Initiatives of the Urals Federal District Open Competition of Social Programmes designed to address social issues and enhance social stability.

The Foundation focuses on promoting grant extensions as an important tool for improving the social climate in Russia. In 2015, 104 non-profit organisations benefited from the Company’s financial support, with 21 of them winning various grant competitions.