Sustainable development



TMK runs most of its charity projects via a professional operator – the Sinara Charity Foundation, established in 2001, and directly via the Company’s plants in its operating regions.

Priority areas of TMK’s charitable efforts:

- Education
- Culture
- Sports
- Healthcare

Initiatives supported by TMK and the Sinara Charity Foundation in 2019:

- Financial support provided to 103 non-profit organizations, including 27 through various grant competitions
- The Urals Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art: a grant programme to support young artists in the Urals region
- The 8th Demidov International Contest for Young Violinists DeMUKS (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
- Tochka Opory (Foothold), a corporate career advising project spanning the Sverdlovsk, Rostov, Volgograd, Ulyanovsk, Kurgan and Oryol Regions. This project was included in the Top 100 Russian projects supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation. In 2019, over 4,000 high-school students from 100 schools attended the project events. More than 1,200 events were held (tours, “live lessons”, TV shows dedicated to basic trades, training sessions for teachers, etc.). In the six years since the project was launched, a total of 71 classrooms in the winning schools have been equipped for industry-related programmes.
- The Rostochek (Little Sprout) programme to support pre-school institutions: we supplied specialized laundering equipment to pre-school institutions in the Sverdlovsk, Rostov and Volgograd Regions
- The Painless Children’s Hospital project aimed at supplying medical equipment for, and promoting the practice of, the latest innovative low-invasive surgery methods, and providing children with a comfortable environment to minimize their stress as they undergo medical treatment
- The Making a World Suitable for Children project, implemented jointly with Sinarsky Pipe Plant. A new fitness and playground area for children and adults was opened in the plant’s public park in 2019. The existing fitness areas were renovated.
- The Managers League, a new project sponsored by the Sinara Charity Foundation and launched jointly with the administration of Polevskoy municipality and Seversky Pipe Plant in 2019 to identify talented managers and engage them in social projects implemented in Polevskoy. More than 100 entrants from several cities of Russia sent their applications
- Yekaterinburg’s Nutcracker Ballet Theater and the Yekaterinburg Puppet Theater staged charity performances in Kamensk-Uralsky and Polevskoy, bringing unique entertainment to children from orphanages, and children from large families and families of the pipe plant employees

TMK plant employees take active part in the Corporate Citizenship project by donating blood and plasma to children.

In 2019, TMK’s volunteers:

- Organized celebrations for children deprived of parental care on the Children’s Protection Day and New Year’s Eve
- Participated in the #GivingTuesday international initiative by providing support to senior citizens in difficult life situations and retired employees of TMK plants
- Took part in various blood donation campaigns and other projects to help little patients and children deprived of parental care

All TMK entities in Russia run regular long-term charitable activities and campaigns:

- TAGMET has traditionally participated in the nation-wide Pod Flagom Dobra (In the Name of Kindness) charitable campaign to raise funds for children who need expensive treatment, and also supported youth social initiatives through the Idei v Zhizn (Turning Ideas Into Reality) contest
- Volzhsky Pipe Plant helps educational and children’s institutions, provides assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War (WWII), implements socially significant sports, inclusive and environmental projects
- Sinarsky Pipe Plant regularly holds events to promote physical and creative development of young people
- Seversky Pipe Plant focuses on developing educational programs, career advising initiatives, and improving the infrastructure of educational institutions in Polevskoy
- Orsky Machine Building Plant supported the participation of technical college students in the regional competition Young Professionals 2019 (WorldSkills Russia). The plant employees donated gifts to disadvantaged families with first-graders

We also support amateur teams representing TMK entities in various sports competitions, including in children’s, youth, and adult sports.

Public recognition

With the 23th–24th Sinara Charity Foundation grant competition, PAO TMK was ranked third in the Best Programme Promoting Sustainability via Grant Competitions (Best Grant Competition) category of the Corporate Philanthropy Leaders 2019 contest, organized by Donors Forum, an association of major grantmaking organizations.

In 2019, the Tochka Opory (Foothold) corporate career advising project joined the Top 100 Socially Significant Programs ranking complied by the Presidential Grants Foundation. The project received a grant from the Foundation in 2017 and was successfully implemented in 2018.

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