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Through sponsorship and charity, TMK seeks to foster a favourable social climate in the regions hosting our plants.

TMK has been implementing its charity projects in the Sverdlovsk Region via a professional operator – the Sinara Charity Foundation. In the Volgograd, Orenburg, and Rostov Region via the Company’s plants.

Initiatives supported by the Company in the Urals region in 2017:
- Provided financial support to 71 non-profit organizations, including 33 through various grant competitions;
- Continued Tochka Opory (Foothold), a career advising project which has benefited 1,500 high-school students from 40 schools across the Sverdlovsk Region, with more than 500 events held as part of the project;
- We purchased medical equipment for 30 pre-school institutions in the Sverdlovsk Region;
- Together with the Sverdlovsk State Philharmonic, we implemented a social and cultural project, Great Music for Little Hearts;
- We held the first Chudo Yarmrka charity fair in collaboration with the Yeltsin Center. All proceeds from the charity fair were spent on building a sensory room for children with Down syndrome;
Launched a grant program in collaboration with Provincial Dances Theatre to train coaches in the Danscription dance lab;
Implemented a grant program for artists based in the Urals region, who presented nine art projects as part of the Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art main program in Yekaterinburg;
Held a series of meetings and friendly football games with the Ural Football Club for residents of orphanages.

All Russian plants operated by TMK run charitable programs and campaigns, and consistently provide aid to veteran organizations, as well as to children’s and healthcare institutions. TAGMET has traditionally participated in the nation-wide Pod Flagom Dobra. Volzhsky Pipe Plant has been actively supporting healthcare institutions by purchasing specialized equipment. Sinarsky Pipe Plant holds regular patriotic education events for young people. Seversky Pipe Plant focuses on developing educational programs in Polevskoy. Orsky Machine Building Plant supported a track and field competition and a charity football game with residents of Children Orphanage state public educational institution.