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The Russian (formerly – the Ural) Research Institute of the Tube and Pipe Industry (RusNITI) was founded in 1961 as the science and technology centre of the pipe industry sector of the country’s metallurgical complex.

In 2007, the Institute joined the consolidation process of TMK with the creation on its base of a unified system of managing innovative company projects.

At the present time, the Institute is focused on providing scientific and technical support for the implementation of the strategic investment program of TMK, the creation and development of new and import-substituting types of pipe products, and also on the modernization of technological processes and equipment.

The Institute also carries out its duties as a coordinator of the technical regulation and standardisation of the pipe and tube industry.

The Institute as served as the basis for the national secretariat of the Technical Committee for the TC 357 Standardisation "Steel and Cast Iron pipes and Cylinders" and an accredited certification centre.

The Institute actively develops an international presence, collaborates with the foreign science and technology centres, and participates in long-term cooperation programs between TMK and major companies in the oil and gas complex.

Together with specialized universities and research centres, RusNITI is actively involved in the cultivation of highly qualified specialists.

The Institute’s scientists combine scientific and academic activities.

For over 20 years, the Institute has been the organizer of the International Scientific and Practical Conference, which has become an open platform for scientific debates, discussions, and the exchange of opinions relating to global issues concerning innovative development and business – meetings between Russian and foreign developers, manufactures and consumers in the pipe and tube industry.

Director General of RusNITI JSC: Igor Pyshmintsev


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