Sustainable development

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

The Company's social responsibility as an employer is founded on providing a positive working environment and decent living conditions. The Company creates modern workplaces and provides competitive salaries and social benefits.

TMK's relationship with its employees is built on the principles of a fair partnership. This leads to employee loyalty to the company and their constant efforts to improve their on-the-job performance. On its part TMK guarantees its employees protection of their rights, proper recognition of professional qualities based on actual performance, career growth, and fair pay and incentives.

TMK plant employees are given the following social benefits and guarantees:
- meals on site;
- health insurance and services;
- wellness promotion and vacations for employees and their family members;
- children's recreational programmes;
- sporting and cultural events.

The following social facilities operate at TMK plants to guarantee social standards:
- on-site first aid stations;
- canteens and food service areas;
- health centres;
- preventative health clinics;
- rest homes and youth recreation camps;
- gyms and sports complexes;
- civic centres.

Collective bargaining agreements at plants contain a single level of social benefits, guarantees, and compensations, while accounting for the regional and production specifics of plants.

ТМK strives not only to ensure that employees are comfortably situated, but to support the social and economic development of regions where its plants are located. Social partnership agreements have been successfully developed with government agencies in areas where plants operate, aimed at working together to solve socially significant issues in the regions.

TMK supports educational and cultural institutions in the cities and regions where it has a presence, assists in the development of popular sports, and makes significant contributions to social development, utilities, and transport infrastructure.
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