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OAO “TMK” participated in the International Syrian Oil-and-Gas Exhibition Syroil 2008

OAO “TMK” participated in the sixth International Syrian Oil-and-Gas Exhibition Syroil 2008, which took place in April 7-10, 2008 in Damascus (Syria). Syroil exhibition is a single oil-and-gas exhibition held in Syria. It takes place once every two years under the patronage of ministry of oil and mineral resources of Syria, being one of the most successful specialized exhibitions of the Middle East region and draws exhibitors and visitors from every corner of the globe. In the 2008 exhibition 262 companies participated, from 43 countries around the world.

OAO “TMK” was one of the 12 companies which represented Russia in this central exhibition arrangement of the Syrian oil and gas complex. OAO “TMK” exposition stand excited the interests of all visitors, including Ibraghim Haddad, the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources of the Syrian Arab Republic,.


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