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The international specialized exhibition “Pipeline transport”

TMK took part in the international specialized exhibition “Pipeline transport”, which was held on 25-27 April 2006 in Moscow as part of the V International Pipeline Forum.

TMK is a participant in the realization of a series of major pipeline projects both in Russian and overseas, including the Caspian pipeline consortium, the Baltic pipeline system, the Yamal – Western Europe gas line, and the Kenkiyak – Atyrau and Atas – Alashankoi oil lines in Kazakhstan. The Company manufactures pipe products used in the construction of main pipelines in accordance with international standards and has at its disposal considerable experience of successfully collaborating with Russian and foreign partners.

The aim of the “Pipeline transport” exhibition is to assist the development and establishment of new business contacts with participants in the pipeline transport market, the presentation and investigation of new projects in the field of pipelines, the exchange of experience and scientific and technological developments, and the attraction of investments in the sphere of pipeline transport. Among the topics featured at the exhibition are the realization of pipeline projects, construction, reconstruction, capital repairs, the development of new technologies and equipment, pipe production, and environmental protection.

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