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International exhibition "Oil Africa 2006"

TMK took part in the international oil-and-gas exhibition Oil Africa 2006, held on 22-24 March 2006 in Cape Town (South Africa).

The Oil Africa exhibition is of considerable interest in connection with the prospect of strengthening South Africa’s role in the oil-and-gas industry in Africa and the world. The Oil Africa exhibition and conference was attended by more than 300 organizations and companies from 64 countries of the world, including government organizations, regional and international companies engaged in regional and international activity connected with the extraction, transport and processing of oil. During the conference and seminars held within the framework of Oil Africa 2006, the issues of trade development in Africa and international deliveries for its needs, and investment in the oil-and-gas industry of the region were examined.

The exhibition featured a TMK exposition. The TMK delegation contained representatives from the Company’s sales and marketing divisions. Members of the delegation conducted a series of meetings and negotiations with participants of the regional oil-and-gas market.

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