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R&D centre

R&D centre

TMK and Sinara Group’s R&D facility is a new element of The SKOLKOVO innovation center ecosystem, which created high-tech jobs and provided unique opportunities for professional growth for new generations of Russian engineers and researchers. The center is equipped with a modern testing and laboratory complex and is designed primarily for the development, digital modeling and complex testing of innovative materials, structures and technologies. It employed about 400 employees, scientists and researchers.

The only complex of stands in Russia for full-scale physical testing of pipes, pipe connections and other complex structures. The stands are designed for conducting research with the possibility of stretching, compressing, bending with the application of high external and internal pressure and the creation of extreme temperature conditions.

R&D facility includes research laboratories designed for the study and development of new materials of increased strength and reliability, including special steels and alloys. The equipment used in laboratories, including high-precision microscopes, spectrographs and devices for physical and chemical analysis methods, allows us to solve complex tasks throughout the chain of development, testing and commercialization of new products.


5, Bolshoy boulevard,
Skolkovo Innovation Center, Moscow,
121205, Russia,
Tel.: +7 (495) 775-76-00,
Fax: +7 (495) 775-76-01,

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