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What we look for

TMK has a stake in attracting young workers for its plants in order to address the following key goals:

- ensuring a supply and formation of young candidate pool for the Company from the best high school graduates who are motivated to receive a quality professional education and employment with the Company;
- ensuring the Company a supply of the required number of future young specialists from among the best college graduates with qualification levels that meet the Company's business needs;
- speeding up the effective adaptation of young specialists at plants by improving their professional and managerial skills and involving them in innovative, research-based, and project work;
- taking part in the process of supporting and growing government professional education policy.

These tasks are being successfully achieved as part of the continuing corporate education system "School - College - Plant."

The Company expects from each employee:
- Initiative
- The responsibility for work performance
- Orientation to customer
- Professional honesty
- Mutual aid
- A labour discipline
- Business optimism and cheerfulness
- Increases of a professional level.