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We aspire to attract for work in the Company the young specialists prepared on modern educational standards and for this purpose during their vocational training we participate by interaction with educational institutions in the countries and regions of presence.

TMK has created conditions conducive to professional development of employees under a series of programmes:

- Development of employees, knowledge sharing, and professional skills contests where workers from all main occupational categories and Company plant engineers participate;
- All plants provide continuing education and re-education for workers in accordance with productions needs, arrange targeted training for workers at educational institutions to improve their educational level, pay stipends to students enrolled in targeted training programmes, and offer financial aid to employees independently enrolled in paid university programmes;
- Managerial training for the manager pool is based on a holistic approach and creation of a multi-level training system. Training programmes have been developed for future and current manager pools from foreman to TOP manager "Effective Manager";
- An Annual applied research conference is held to help develop young Company employee talent and skills. Up to 80% of innovative ideas proposed at the conference by young specialists are implemented at Company plants. The economic effect of these ideas is on the order of tens of millions of rubles.