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TMK Corporate Website Recognized as Steel Industry Website of the Year


TMK's corporate website (www.tmk-group.com) was honored with the "Steel Industry Website of the Year" award, having become the winner of the Steelie Awards held by the World Steel Association (Worldsteel) in this category. The results were announced at the 49th Worldsteel conference in Chicago (USA). At the Awards ceremony on behalf of TMK the trophy was received by Piotr Galitzine, Chairman of TMK IPSCO, the American Division of TMK

The World Steel Association is one of the largest and fast-growing global industrial associations, its members represent about 85% of the world steel production. It embraces 170 steel manufacturers including 9 of the 10 largest steel companies, national and regional associations of steel manufacturers and the industry research centers.

Steelie Awards Competition has been held by the Association of steel producers annually since 2010, assessing the contribution of its members to the sustainable development of the global steel industry, in seven categories that encompass steel manufacturers' activities in spheres ranging from technology and environment to communications and education.

The main criteria for evaluation of the contestants in the "Website of the Year" category is overall design, loading and page delivery, information range and relevance, navigation ease, and use of new technologies. The selection is made through review of all membership sites by a Worldsteel expert panel.

«TMK is a significant player in the global steel market operating across several continents. An important component of our business is to improve the quality of communications with our partners worldwide. As part of increasing the transparency and openness of our activity, we pay a lot of attention to our corporate website permanent development», said Alexander Shiryaev, CEO of TMK.

TMK Corporate Website Recognized as Steel Industry Website of the Year


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