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TMK ships Premium Tubular Products to Yamal LNG


TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for oil and gas industry, has supplied this year premium tubular products volumes to Yamal LNG.

TMK has been supplying premium tubular products to Yamal LNG, which holds the license for exploration and production at the South-Tambeyskoe gas condensate field at north-east of the Yamal Peninsular, since 2012. In 2014 the contract between TMK and Yamal LNG was signed for the supply of premium products from 2014 through 2020.

This year 1748 tonnes of cold-resistant pipe, including 1716 tonnes of premium products, have been delivered to Yamal LNG under a seven-year contract. The supply package included casing pipe with diameters of 324mm, 244,48mm and 177,8mm with TMK UP FMC and TMK UP PF premium connections, tubing pipe of 114mm with TMK UP FMT premium connections as well as12 accessories, all produced at TMK’s Volzhsky Pipe Plant, Sinarsky Pipe Plant and Orsk Machine-Building Plant.

TMK ships Premium Tubular Products to Yamal LNG


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