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TMK Announces Board of Directors Decisions


TMK's Board of Directors at the meeting on June 23 made the following decisions:

-        Dmitry Pumpyanskiy is elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors,

-        the Secretary of the Board of Directors is elected,

-        the Chairmen and the members of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Audit Committee and the Strategy Committee of the Board of Directors are elected,

-        Alexander Shiryaev is confirmed as TMK Chief Executive Officer,

-        The following TMK Management Board members are approved:

1. Alexander Shiryaev, Chairman of the Management Board
2. Sergey Bilan
3. Andrey Kaplunov
4. Alexander Klachkov
5. Alexander Lyalkov
6. Vladimir Oborsky
7. Tigran Petrosyan
8. Vladimir Shmatovich.


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