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TMK launches new corporate web portal


TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, has launched a new version of its corporate web portal, which comprises the websites of TMK, its divisions and enterprises.

The new portal has significantly improved the Russian (www.tmk-group.ru) and English (www.tmk-group.com) language versions with a cutting edge and user friendly design and coherent internal architecture. The web portal provides comprehensive information on the company, its enterprises and product mix and offers an insight into the values and structure of TMK and the geography of its operations, while also bringing site visitors all the latest corporate news. A special focus is on the section intended for the investment community, with a variety of tools and resources available to them. The portal contains photos and videos which tell TMK’s corporate story as well as an archive of the company’s multilingual corporate magazine, YourTube. It also provides links to TMK’s social media networks.

The simple and intuitive navigation offers visitors quick access to the content, while adaptive design means the website will resize automatically to allow viewing across desktop, tablets and mobile phones. The content management system based on a new software platform makes it possible to leverage state-of-art web technologies, creating a scalable, flexible and highly effective corporate web portal.

"As a public global manufacturer, TMK pays close attention to enhancing transparency and streamlining cooperation with our wide range of stakeholders. TMK's new web portal provides access to an extensive and well structured content, detailed description of business highlights and user friendly tools (interactive maps, selection and order forms for premium connections, investor centre, etc.), facilitating a better understanding and a holistic insight into TMK’s activities as the leader of the global pipe industry," said Vladimir Shmatovich, Vice President for Strategy and Business Development at TMK.


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