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Successful Testing and Launch of TMK UP ULTRA TM GX


TMK is pleased to announce the launch of a premium threaded and coupled connection targeted for thermal wells. The new connection, TMK UP ULTRATM GX, successfully completed the testing and evaluation requirements of TWCCEP / ISO PAS 12835 for 290 deg. C application.  The pipes used for qualification testing (9-5/8” OD X 40 ppf X L80) were supplied by Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VPP).

Thermal Well Casing Connection Evaluation Protocol (TWCCEP) requires extensive material testing, rigorous finite element analysis, galling resistance test, thermal cycle test followed by limit strain and bending test. The FEA, galling resistance test and thermal cycle tests were completed in-house at our Houston R&D center. The limit strain and bending tests were completed at C-FER Technologies, Edmonton, Canada.

The new connection is already being promoted and offered to customers in Canada for thermal applications.

For more information, please visit www.tmkup.com.


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