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TMK launches a dedicated website to showcase its premium threaded connections


TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, has launched a dedicated website to promote TMK Ultra Premium (TMK UP™) premium threaded connections developed by the Company’s experts to its customers. Until the end of October, the web resource will be available in beta mode to collect feedback from customers.

The website has the Russian and the English language versions and can be accessed at www.tmkup.ru and www.tmkup.com. Visitors can see descriptions of TMK UP™ threaded connections and choose between different specific thread versions, each provided with detailed characteristics and figures. Catalogues of threaded products, complete with product certificates, and descriptions of technologies used in threaded pipe production are also available. In addition, the website features contact details to be used by various categories of consumers targeted by TMK’s premium threaded products, as well as the list of companies holding valid licences to manufacture TMK Ultra Premium threaded connections.

TMK UP premium threaded connections are employed in both casing and tubing pipes. They are designed for use in oil and gas development projects operating in difficult drilling conditions, including offshore, deepwater, and Arctic drilling, as well as horizontal and directional drilling applications. Premium threaded connections offer enhanced performance in terms of strength, density, bending moment capacity, and good resistance to other negative external factors.

“Production of hi-tech products such as TMK Ultra Premium premium threaded connections is focused on the needs of the oil and gas industry to improve the efficiency of hydrocarbon production in increasingly difficult conditions. We seek to provide consumers with the fullest details of these products, for them to be able to assess and get the most benefits from using them,” said Alexander Shiryaev, TMK’s CEO.

TMK launches a dedicated website to showcase its premium threaded connections


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