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TMK presents to Dmitry Medvedev its project to introduce digital twins at Seversky Pipe Plant


Sergey Chikalov, TMK’s Deputy CEO for Technological Development and Technical Sales, presented to Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Skolkovo Foundation, a project to introduce digital twins at TMK’s Seversky Pipe Plant in cooperation with Skolkovo tenant start-ups and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech).

The meeting was held at the Skolkovo Innovation Center and was also attended by Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation Arkady Dvorkovich, Head of State Development Corporation VEB.RF and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skolkovo Foundation Igor Shuvalov, Russian Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Maksut Shadaev, President of Skoltech Alexander Kuleshov, and the leaders of Skolkovo tenant start-ups cooperating with TMK to implement the project at Seversky Pipe Plant – Computer Vision Systems, Signum and CyberPhysics.

TMK and Russian high-tech start-ups are working together to create digital twins at Seversky Pipe Plant’s facilities. The project integrates tools for big data collection and processing, hybrid model suits, unique computer vision systems, and predictive and prescriptive analytics modules. The system will monitor pipe geometry and detect defects in the process of pipe manufacturing, predict failures and prevent equipment downtime, as well as generate recommendations for equipment operators. This will enable a switch to recommendation-based decision making and ensure consistent product quality.

 “We live in an era of digital technologies and recognize that today the competitive edge of industrial companies is largely driven by the integration of IT solutions into business processes. Therefore, TMK is undergoing a comprehensive transformation, using digital technology to achieve comprehensive modernization of the Company’s operations, from HR management to production control. For this purpose, we rely on our in-house developments as well as on technologies from other leading developers, large and small innovative companies. Together with Skolkovo start-ups, we are launching a pilot project to introduce digital twins of pipe manufacturing facilities. Currently, all solutions are being implemented at Seversky Pipe Plant’s pipe mill. Going forward, we plan to scale up the technology across TMK and roll it out to other Russian plants,” said Sergey Chikalov.

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