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Our people

Artem Ovchinnikov, automation electrician, STW

- I chose my profession because I love to repair machines. I would like to be confident in the reliability of a vehicle. When I see a problem, I like to fix it immediately. I believe that the main thing is the detail. When traveling by car, I like to discover new places. Nature amazes me with its diversity - the majesty of the mountains, the power of the forest, the breath of life, which you can see in all nature. I dream of building my own house, where my children will live, and the more of them the better.
Valery Zuzev, automation section foreman, STW

- I believe that continuity in the workforce allows the transfer of knowledge and skills to help the new trainees when joining the team. It is important to revive interest in manual craftsmanship to ensure employment for skilled labour, especially in the current market place. I am very pleased that my role provides with this opportunity and security for the future.