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Our company

TMK plants are attractive employers in the Russian, European, and US job marketplaces, offering their employees competitive compensation and social benefits. We are continuously improving earnings structure and employee benefits.

Base compensation of employees in the Company is annually reconsidered considering macroeconomic situation, regional tendencies on a labour market and according to results of their work.

Continued improvement of professional and management competencies of our personnel is a pre-condition to sustainable growth and competitive performance of the company.

We address this issue holistically at each TMK division by providing high-quality, innovative and systematic employee trainings. In 2016 we spent around 1.25 million USD on them. The company runs a Corporate Internship Programme that all TMK divisions are involved in.

Production plants in our Russian, European, and American divisions build partnerships with employees in close cooperation with trade unions based on collective bargaining agreements, clearly performing its obligations as a responsible employer.

The company co-finances employee recreation at holiday residences and health resorts to support employee well-being.

Granting government, industry, and corporate awards to the best employees is a key part of the incentive system.