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Management Board

  • Igor V. Korytko- CEO, Chairman of the Management Board

    Graduated in 1997 from Chelyabinsk State Technical University, specializing in “Machinery and technology of pressure metal treatment”, and again in 1998, specializing in “Economics and Business administration”. Professional experience: previous – occupied position of Deputy General Director for Performance management of PAO “TMK”, General Director of Kurgankhimmash LLC, Director of Petrostal Metallurgical Plant and the Kirov-Energomash Plant Joint Stock Company.

  • Sergey G. Chikalov– Vice President for Technological Development and Technical Sales

    Graduated in 1985 from the Moscow State Institute of Steel And Alloys. Professional experience: Current – member of the Board of Directors of «ROSNITI JSC», Deputy CEO for Scientific & Technical Development and Technical Sales of PAO “TMK”. Previous – First Deputy General Director, Technical director of VTZ, Deputy CEO for Technical Sales and Innovation of PAO “TMK”, Director for Technical Policy and Investments of PJSC “Chelpipe”.

  • Denis N. Nesterov– Vice President, Organisational Development

    Graduated in 2000 from the Ural Academy of Public administration. Professional experience: Current – Deputy CEO for Organizational Development: Director, HR and Social Policy Directorate of PAO “TMK”. Previous – Director for HR Management of SinTZ, Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs of "Trade House "TMK".

  • Vladimir B. Oborsky - Executive Director and Senior Vice President

    Graduated from the Frunze Military Academy in 1982 and the Frunze Kiev Higher Combined-Arms Command Academy in 1994. Has been with ТМК since 2003.
    Experience: currently - Executive Director and Senior Vice President, CEO of AO ТМК Trade House; earlier - Head of the Transneft and Gas Producers Customer Service Directorate at ZAO ТМК Trade House, Head of the Strategic Customer Service Department and Gas Producers Customer Service Department of ZAO VTZ Trade House.

  • Tigran I. Petrosyan - Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

    In 1993 graduated from the Erevan State University. Has been with ТМК since 2001.
    Experience: curently - Deputy CEO of Economy, Head of Economic and Planning Directorate of ОАО ТМК; earlier - Head of Economic and Planning Department of OAO VTZ, Deputy CEO of LLC Volzhsky Audit, officer at the Armenian Ministry of Economy.

  • Vyacheslav V. Popkov- Senior Vice President, Manufacturing

    In 1992 graduated from Ural State Technical University. Career history: currently he is First Deputy General Director of TMK on Industrial Engineering Unit, member of the Board of Directors of Russian plants of TMK; previously he worked at Sinarsky Pipe Plant, which is a part of TMK, for almost 30 years. From 2003 he occupied leading positions at the enterprise: Sales Director, Director on Economic Affairs, from 2013 he was Managing Director of Sinarsky Pipe Plant till assignment to position of Deputy General Director on Production of TMK in March of 2017. In April 2017 appointed TMK Senior Vice President, Manufacturing

  • Andrey A. Zimin - Vice President for Legal Issues

    In 2003 graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Federation. Experience: currently - Member of the Board of Directors of a number of Russian plants of TMK Group, Trade House “TMK”, various foreign entities of TMK Group; earlier - Head of Corporate projects department, Head of Corporate ownership department in TMK.