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TMK was established in 2001. Trade House TMK was created that same year to coordinate sales of pipe products and raw material procurement.


In 2002 TMK incorporated Volzhsky Pipe Plant, Seversky Pipe Plant and Sinarsky Pipe Plant.


In 2003 a new TMK subsidiary, TMK-Kazakhstan, was established.


In 2004 TMK incorporated Taganrog Metallurgical Plant.


In 2005 TMK established and incorporated TMK Global and a representative office was opened in Beijing (China). CJSC TMK was reorganized into an Open Joint Stock Company.


In 2006 ТМК made IPO of its GDRs on the London Stock Exchange. TMK incorporated the Romanian mills TMK-ARTROM and TMK-RESITA, and the Russian Orsky Machine Building Plant. The TMK Middle East trading subsidiary was created the same year.


In 2007 TMK acquired oilfield service companies including Truboplast, TMK NGS-Nizhnevartovsk, and TMK NGS - Buzuluk, as well as the Russian Research Institute of the Tube and Pipe Industries (RusNITI), Russia's largest pipe industry research institute. TMK-CPW, a joint venture between TMK and Corinth Pipeworks, and ТМК-Premium Service were established. TMK’s shares began trading on the MICEX Stock Exchange. Additionally, ТМК opened representative office in Turkmenistan.


2008 was marked by the acquisition of US pipe assets and the creation of the American Division - TMK IPSCO. The Company also established TMK Oilfield Services and acquired TMK-Kaztrubprom (Kazakhstan).


In 2009 the TMK European Division was created. It includes TMK Europe, TMK Italia, TMK-ARTROM, TMK-RESITA. TMK-INOX was also established.


In 2010 became a joint venture between TMK and RUSNANO, it coordinates production and sales of precision stainless pipes (in 2015 Sinarsky Pipe Plant bought out shares owned by RUSNANO in TMK-INOX). A new threading facility was built in Brookfield (USA) and a sales office in Calgary (Canada) was opened.


In 2011 a new premium threading line for casing was commissioned at Orsky Machine Building Plant. TMK and Loist created a joint venture for production of lime and associated products in Sverdlovsk region. TMK also acquired a blocking stake in the Volgograd river port.


In 2012 the new Research & Development Center in Houston (Texas, USA) was commissioned and the Trade House TMK subsidiary in Orsk (Orenburg region) was opened. TMK acquired 55% of a pipe plant located in Oman (TMK GIPI).


In 2013 TMK signed an agreement with the Skolkovo Fund to open its research and development facility in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. The Centre will focus on developing efficient technologies in the areas of oil and gas exploration and production, transportation of hydrocarbons, and on finding new solutions to improve energy efficiency in the iron and steel industry.


In 2014 ТМК concluded a contract with Skolkovo Joint Directorate on Assets and Services Management on creation of ТМК research and development facility in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre that was the beginning of implementation of plans on construction of the TMK’s Research and Development Center.


In 2015 ТМК and RUSNANO continued cooperation within the framework of the new project on expansion of manufacture of hi-tech pipes with the improved properties for an oil-and-gas industry. To implement the project RUSNANO acquired ТМК shares during an additional share issue and became the owner of 5,4764% of TMK ordinary shares. New production includes a pipe-rolling complex with Fine Quality Mill (FQM) at Seversky Tube Works.

In 2015 legal form of TMK was changed to public joint-stock company. At the end of 2015 TMK together with other largest Russian companies and financial institutions became the founder of Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA).


In 2016 ТМК Artrom S.A., owned by ТМК, created in the USA the company TMK Industrial Solutions LLC to increase sales volumes.


In February 2017, TMK made a secondary public offering of 138,888,888 registered ordinary shares.

In June 2017, eTrade, the first in Russia online marketplace for TMK pipe products sales, was launched (https://e-commerce.tmk-group.com/).

In November 2017, TMK opened its own Corporate University. Corporate University TMK2U uses classic and modern approaches to the preparation of highly qualified staff.


In 2018, the Program for the acquisition of TMK shares on the open marketplace was launched. Acquisition of shares under the Program is carried out through the intermediary of VTB Capital Broker LLC on regulated trading floors and OTC in compliance with the requirements of applicable laws.


In 2019, Dmitry Medvedev, the Chairman of the RF Government, presented the 2018 Russian Government Award in the field of science and technology to TMK executives. A high state award was given for the engineering and implementation of a complex of highly efficient technologies to produce import-substituting new generation seamless steel pipes used for the development of hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves.


In January 2020 TMK closed the sale of 100% of the shares of IPSCO Tubulars Inc.

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