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ТМК took part in offshore most essential OTC 2015 event


TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for oil and gas industry, took part in the 46th international Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). The annual event took place at NRG Park (Houston, USA) on 4–7 May 2015.

OTC is one of the key events in the oil and gas sector, making a significant impact on the development of the offshore energy industry in drilling, exploration, hydrocarbon production, and environmental protection. This year the sold-out space was 64,000 sq m with 2,682 companies from 37 countries exhibiting. The exhibition enjoyed the largest attendance ever, attracting 94,700 executives, engineers, academics, traders and business people from 130 countries.

TMK exhibit booth featured a wide range of company products, including TMK UP premium threaded connections used widely in offshore field development. Attendees could enjoy first-hand access to product samples by TMK, also obtaining complete information about the full product line from a special multi-touch display panel. TMK booth also became a venue for many business meetings with tubular goods consumers from all over the world, offering them an opportunity to discuss ongoing working relationships, joint projects and prospects for cooperation.

"For the sixth year in a row, TMK is holding this event for our partners to thank them for their cooperation, loyalty and support. In spite of challenging market environment, last year TMK sales grew yet again. Besides high production results, there were safety records broken by the American division, which proved to be the lowest in the history of our plants, and may be in the whole U.S. industry. The company's achievements over the past few years have stemmed from a number of factors, but it is our customers, suppliers and employees who have been the greatest contributors to our successes," said Dave Mitch, President and CEO of TMK IPSCO.

ТМК took part in offshore most essential OTC 2015 event


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